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Canopies from above


Canopies are a great option to ensure you maximise court usage throughout the year.
Not only do canopies remove the risk of late weather related cancellations it also enables people to book in advance with greater confidence knowing that no matter the weather they can still have a great game of padel.

We suggest using the canopies designed and manufactured by the same factory that produce our courts. They are engineered to fit our courts and will be installed by the same team at the same time as the courts.​

We are aware that certain planning or site specific issues might mean you require a different option and in that case we are able to help you chose the right canopy or building option from one of our other suppliers.​

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Tech Specs
Wall Sizes
3.5m & Full Length
7 Years
Court Layouts
Liniar, Side-By-Side, Quad
Court Clearance
10 Meters
Snow Resistance
Canopies from above

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