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Next Level Padel Court Booking System created by people who run padel facilities!​
Our Solution for facility owners:
  • Simple and intuitive administration - save hundreds of hours per facility, per week.
  • Huge cost savings compared to competitors with pay outs each week!
  • See all players, not only players who made the booking.
Future features for you as a player

The start of something more fun, simpler and smarter

Now there's no more difficulty finding good matches, no more chasing people for payment and no more needing 15 different apps to keep track of everything. But it is the start of a more fun, easier and smarter way to fix padel and tennis.
Play with your friends
Administer which friends you want on which lists to quickly find a good match.
Enter your results
Court22 saves all your results and show statistics of all your matches.
Split the bill
Just pay your share, don't outsource and chase friends who will swish you. Speaking of swish, of course you can pay with swish, card or your favorite hall's own coins.
Organise your own events
Court22 allows you to quickly and easily create your own americanos.
Our ambition

For you as a hall owner

It should be easy and fun to run a padel hall. How about 3-click admin of series games where the system fixes all times for the players who then easily change times themselves, how about dynamic times on the courses and how about a super simple and graphical overview of the pricing in the hall for increased control. Add a really good support and you have a new best friend.
Save time and money
Reduce the cost by up to 70%, get your money every week and save 100s of hours in administration.
See everyone in the hall
Add a system where you can see ALL of your customers, not just those who book, and also reward them for loyalty.
Built-in functionality
Get insights that show booking mode trends and built-in functionality to quickly & easily arrange professional americanos and tournaments.

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Our Team

Speak to our expert team! We are always keen to have a discussion no matter what stage of the process you are at. We are genuine Padel enthusiasts who are always here to help.
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