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A range of services to make the most out of your padel courts

Launch Package
Let Hexa Academy help launch your new courts or centre in the right way! The very best coaches running intro to padel sessions to attract new customers, putting on exhibitions to show padel at its most exciting and engaging beat the coach sessions.
Coach the Coaches -
On court:
Get your new coach or staff up to speed. Our expert team will show your coaches how to deliver the perfect intro session, technical lessons, tactical advice, a selection of drills that they can integrate into their own lessons. Lastly our LTA approved trainer can help your coaches prepare the necessary coaching course requirements.
Coach the Coaches -
Off Court
Don;t waste months getting the perfect programme into place. Utilise the experience and expertise of Hexa Padel to set up best in class coaching, competition and social programmes from the day you open. Ensure that you are maximising your returns with maintenance & retail tutorials.
Social Media & Marketing
Speak to a marketing agency to get advice on the best ways to activate your new padel centre across all channels.
Coming soon - Prio x Hexa Academy Collaboration:​
Put your coach through a rigorous programme to take your coaching programme to the next Level. Hexa Padel have teamed up with the leading coaching programme from Sweden headed up by the national coach to deliver an industry leading course.​

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Speak to our expert team! We are always keen to have a discussion no matter what stage of the process you are at. We are genuine Padel enthusiasts who are always here to help.
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